Here at Cemrock…

We have been a top tier provider of a wide range of fabrication services for prestigious public organizations and ambitious private clients around the world for over 35 years. Cemrock employs the finest artists capable of recreating naturalistic themes with jaw-dropping realism.

IMAGINE… An African rainforest sustaining exotic wildlife in the heart of New York City… A themed playground in the middle of the desert, outfitted with sculptures of oversized snakes, lizards and tortoises of its surrounding biome… A sculpted shotcrete retaining wall, indistinguishable from the natural cliffs surrounding it.

As an established award winning organization, our areas of expertise include: Zoos, Aquariums, Roadside and Coastal Stabilization, Parks and Playgrounds, Museums, Theme Parks, Resorts and Casinos and Commercial Venues.

We specialize in the fabrication and installation of artificial and themed elements, with the use of sculpted shotcrete, GFRC, FRP, Epoxy, and polyurethane, including: artificial rockwork, water features, theming, animal exhibits, aquarium habitats, tank inserts, artificial coral, artificial trees, themed playgrounds, playground sculptures, sculpted shotcrete, murals, dioramas, scale architectural and biological models, and more.